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Fabricorner was set up by a team of fabric enthusiasts who came together to provide to you the best cloth fabric for everyone. We wanted to provide you with the fabric which is as unique as you. Our vision was to handpick the best handicraft cloth pieces which are unique, traditional and ethnic and get to you. Our whole collection is vibrant and soothing to look at and light to wear. All our fabrics are natural and ethically made. We make sure that our craftsmen use natural dyes and use recycling means of production. We strongly believe that fashion line cannot flourish without using ethical means of production and manufacturing. The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world and creates as much wastage. We are dedicated to providing ethically manufactured cloth fabrics for you so that you can proudly wear your clothes without being worried about the carbon print that you leave behind. India has been the home for the most talented craftsmen who passionately showcase their art on cloth pieces. India has also been a major contributor to cloths export business around the world. Therefore we have selected the best craftsmen who are talented in their work. We directly pick and choose our cloth pieces from craftsmen who have been working for years in the field of dyeing and printing. This ensures that our sourced i.e. the craftsmen are not exploited by the middlemen and are paid a fair share of their due. Fabricorner is the best kind of online fabric store that brings to you unique and traditional pieces of fabric. Our fabrics can be used for dressmaking, saris, suits, kurtas, Kurtis, shirts, skirts, dupattas, etc. We make sure that our store is updated and in terms with the changing fashion to maintain the stamp uniqueness for you. All our prints are latest and in-fashion.

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