Keep it light and trendy with Chiffon

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Historically crafted from fine Silk yarns, Chiffon is a plain-woven fabric and comes with a serene elegance and floating appearance.  The reforms in the textile industry lead to the origin of nylon and poly chiffon variants. The resilience derived from the synthetic yarns makes it accessible to infinite customizations. The S- and Z- twisted yarns give it a mesh-like and a slightly crumpled feel.

A highly celebrated fabric in the fashion world, its sheer and slippery texture makes it a classic pick for all time occasions. The much-loved fabric, however, is delicate in nature and demands some care and maintenance. Often confused with Georgette, this fabric is smoother and more lustrous in nature. The better draping ability and non-clinging benefit make it an all season wear. The muted tones and tints match the exclusivity of this fabric and make it look effortlessly classy.

Sunlit Yellow

The summerish vibe of yellow will make you feel bright and happy. Being the brightest color of the continuum, yellow catches the eye in a moment. Often identified with emotional strength and vitality, its sun shining nature will bring a sense of optimism and creativity to every outfit designed. 


Revitalizing Green

An indicator of renewal and growth, green is an all season color. While brighter tints like lime, pear, and chartreuse go really well in summers, basil, pine and seaweed will rock in winters. Along with its long-standing association with the environment, this color will add a sense of balance and harmony to your style statements.

Royal Blue

A color that makes you feel free and confident; blue is the star of the cool hue palette. This color tags along with a sense of nostalgia. Along with being a signifier of trust and responsibility, blue denotes peace and tranquillity. The coolness and calmness of this color make it an ideal pick for a scorching summer.

Subtle Beige

Beige is a color of class and simplicity. Ruling the neutral color palette beige is one color that you can carry in any season and any time of the day. The reliability of brown and the equanimity of white give this color an aura of its own. With divulging a soft and rich feel, this hue will add élan to your attires.


Rosy Fuchsia

If you like it bold, then Fuschia is the color for you! The magic of purple and the passion of red blended in vivid tints and shades will add a glare to your couture.  Fuschia is the color for people who like doing things their own way, who are independent and confident of carrying out any outfit with an exclusive flamboyance.


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