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Rayon is the first man-made fiber. It is the oldest fiber created in 1910 in the U.S. Rayon is made from purified wood pulp (cellulose) and then chemically converted into soluble compounds. Rayon fibers are extracted from cellulose derived from the wood pulp of Bamboo, Sugarcane, Beach Trees, Pine Trees, etc. Rayon is neither natural nor a synthetic fiber. It is made of regenerated cellulosic fiber.

Rayon is also called ‘Poor Man’s Silk’. It was developed as a substitute for silk and is also called ‘Art Silk’ or Artificial Silk. Rayon is a very soft and cool fabric perfect for hot and humid weathers. It replicates the feel of silk, cotton, linen, and wool.

Rayon is available in knit as well as woven. Lyocell, Tencel, Bamboo Fabric, Modal, Rayon Challis, Rayon Crepe are all varieties of Rayon. A lot of designers have started preferring rayon in their collection. At fabricorner.com you will find a wide range of Rayon of all types. We make sure we give you all the specifications of the fabric so that you can make the appropriate choice.

Some of the common characteristics of this fabric are – rayon fades progressively, it shrinks progressively, wrinkles fast but it is relatively inexpensive, it can be easily dyed, it drapes beautifully, it is quite a lustrous fabric. Having said that, it is quite a popular fabric when it comes to making budgeted clothes or casual clothes. It is used to make both western as well as Indian attires.

Making loose and flowy dresses are suggested to be made out of this fabric. Never compromise on the quality of rayon that you buy as it may not make the dress look the way you planned it. At fabricorner.com you will find the best quality rayon which will make your attire look just as you planned.

Buy the beautiful rayon fabric online here: https://fabricorner.com/collections/rayon


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