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Cotton is a natural fiber that comes from the seedpod of the cotton plant and is used to make fabric types at every price point. Cotton was discovered many many years ago. The use of cotton fiber and its production was quite popular in India and China. In fact, cotton was imported from the East Indies.

The first cotton textile plant was built in Manchester, Great Britain, in the late 18th century. Then after, many countries started producing cotton fabrics. Cotton got popular due to many of its characteristics like – it’s hygienic, strong and resistant. It is also easy to cut and sew cotton.

The best part is all of the cotton plants is used, there is no waste. The seeds are used as animal feed and also for the use of humans in the form of cottonseed oil. The plant stalks are tilled back in the land after harvesting.

Yarns made out of cotton are rated in numbers. The higher the yarn number, the softer and thinner it is. Attires made out of cotton fabrics are best suites in summers. To make summers a bit breathable you must go for clothes made out of cotton. They are best suited for summers especially because the fabric doesn’t stick to your body.

Cotton dresses of various prints are so in trend these days. Be it Mughal print, Sanganeri print, floral print, tie and dye, polka dots, paisley prints or stripes, they have all found their spaces in our ethnic as well as western collection. At fabricorner.com, you can buy cotton fabric online at best price in India.

Cotton fabrics can also easily experiment with both in male and fashion. Sync into the trend and make a cotton dress of your own. Choose your best cotton fabric combinations only at fabricorner.com.


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